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Draftmydocument is represented by a strong, effective and experienced team of professionals whose primary objective is to assist the young and buddy professionals by providing a draft base document which will help them in execution of the assignment at a very fast speed so that they can concentrate on their core work of advising and accordingly improve their productivity. We provide online shopping of all types of draft base documents that are used in starting a new business or running the business at a very reasonable price. Our motto is to provide a hassle-free experience to all professionals by just paying money online and getting the documents instantly by just sitting at one place and without any effort of spending time online.

We intend to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To become one stop solutions for all your drafting needs whether this relates to HR domain, legal, secretarial or finance;

  2. Reach out to the professionals even at a very remote area so that good quality documents are easily available to them at one place;

  3. Connecting professionals through our portal by way of providing quality documents so that younger professionals get documents at nominal prices;

  4. Providing quality documents at a very fast speed;

  5. Reducing your work burden to a great extent so that you can improve your productivity;

The features of our documents are:

  1. Plain & Clear Language: Our team has prepared all documents with plain and clear language until & unless it was absolutely necessary to use legal and heavy wordings keeping in mind the nature of a particular document. We have tried our best effort to use such terminology in drafting so that everyone and anyone can understand easily and make suitable changes therein keeping in mind the facts and circumstances relating to their specific matter.

  2. Based on Indian Law: All our documents have been prepared keeping in mind the Indian Law & Practice only. Though depending upon the exact situation and circumstances, you may have to put some efforts in finish the job. The idea is to empower young professionals by providing base documents which can effectively reduce their work load and guide them in execution the assignment at a very fast pace. However professionals are advised to use their own skill set and professional expertise to apply these documents in a particular situation.

  3. Quality Document: Documents are prepared by the team of qualified and experienced professionals keeping in mind the requirements of today’s business and putting their best effort to prepare a quality document..

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