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Legal Notice to event management company
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Notice to event management company for not holding event
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  1. Your client is a well known corporate.
  2. Your client hired services of an event management company.
  3. As per the terms, your client brand / logo will be promoted in a film promotion event. Such event will be held in different cities and in every city the photo of logo of company will be shown at an agreed space.
  4. While in fact no such event was held in few cities and where it was held, the logo of the client has not been displayed as per the agreed terms.     
  5. The event management company even sent wrong reports about the event and lied to your client.
  6. Now you are issuing this legal notice on your client’s behalf for such fraud and cheating under the Indian Penal Code and recovery of money paid.
  7. User may need to change the content of this legal notice depending upon facts and peculiar circumstances of the case in hand.  
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