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Term Sheet for License Agreement
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Term Sheet for License Agreement
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I Licensor
II Licensee
III Licensed Mark
IV Licensed Product Category
V Territory
VI Term
VII Minimum Guaranteed Net Sales
VIII Minimum Guaranteed Royalties
IX Royalty
X Exclusivity
XI Conditions Precedent
XII Confidentiality
XIII Cost & Expenses
XIV No Liability
XV Partial Validity
XVI Representation & Warranties
XVII Indemnity
XVIII Good Faith
XIX Governing Laws
XX Jurisdiction
  Annexure A (Minimum Guaranteed Net Sales)
  Annexure B (Minimum Guaranteed Royalties)


  1. A company is contemplating to enter into an exclusive license arrangement and for this purpose the discussions are going on between the Licensor and Licensee. A detailed License Agreement will be executed at a later stage.
  2. Therefore in order to protect each other and to have a consensus on broader terms, this term sheet is being executed between the parties covering all major aspects of the proposed transaction.
  3. Kindly note that as per the industry practice this non-binding term sheet format covers major clauses only.
  4. Every transaction is different from the other and therefore user may have to change the clauses keeping in mind the peculiar circumstances of the transaction in hand.
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