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Manpower Recruitment Service Agreement
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Agreement to provide recruitment services
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I Recitals
II Commencement, Periodicity & Renewal
III Scope of Services
IV Statement of Work / Purchase Order
V Compensation, Taxes & Expenses
VI Invoicing & Payment
VII Replacement Provisions
VIII Confidentiality
IX Relationship
X Non Solicitation
XI Indemnity
XII Termination
XIII Standard Legal Provisions
XIV Annexure 1 – Professional Fee


  1. First Party is a corporate and engaged into some business. In order to fulfill its manpower needs, the corporate wants to appoint some HR Consultant for searching & hiring right talent for its business.
  2. HR Consultant (i.e. Service Provider) will do search on different platforms and hire right candidate for corporate and get compensation on each appointment.  
  3. This Agreement covers Scope of Work (Annexure A), Fee, Commission, Expenses, invoicing, payment etc as tabulated above.  
  4. Apart from this, Confidentiality, Indemnity, Non-Solicitation and termination provisions have also been covered.
  5. In addition, standard legal provisions like Service of Notice, Jurisdiction, Dispute Resolutions etc have also been covered.
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