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Software Development Agreement
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Software Development Agreement
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1 Recital
2 Definition & Interpretations
3 Scope of Work
4 Compensation & Payment
5 Obligations of Service Provider
6 Obligations of Company
7 Delivery, Testing & Acceptance
8 Change in Scope & Minor Deviations
9 Post Support & Annual Maintenance
10 Intellecual Property Rights
11 Confidentiality
12 Representatives & Warrenties
13 Indemnity
14 Term & Termination
15 Miscellaneous Provisions
16 Schedule A- Scope of Services
17 Schedule B - Compensation & Payment Schedule


  1. First Party (i.e. Company) intends to hire IT company (Service Provider) to design and develop a Software.
  2. Service Provider has submitted a detailed proposal. This proposal contains lot of technical information but lack in legal and other customary clauses as required for such business arrangements.
  3. Therefore the Company intends to enter a plain, simple and concise Agreement covering those legal aspects. Rest of the technical information is contained in proposal which will be made part and parcel of this Agreement and will be attached as Schedule A.
  4. This Agreement covers in very brief all the aspects as mentioned in the table above.
  5. Some of standard legal provisions like Non-Solicitation, Force Majeure, Notices, Entire Agreement, Waiver, Partial Validity, No third Party Rights, Assignment or  Sub-Contracting, Relationship, Time is Essence, Modification, Counterpart, Dispute Resolution, Governing Law, etc have also been covered.
  6. User may need to change keeping in mind the facts and circumstances of a peculiar matter.
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