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Movie Co production Agreement
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Movie Co production & Financial Assistance Agreement
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1 Recitals
2 Business Understanding
3 Financing of Project
4 Commercials
5 Responsibilities & Rights of Parties
6 Representation & Warranties
7 Confidentiality
8 Accounting Records, Administration & Financial Reporting
9 Indemnity
10 Termination
11 Miscellaneous Provisions


  1. One party intends to produce a film and has developed the entire concept for the film including the script, schedule, star cast and budget etc. To produce the film and to get financial help, first party has approached the second party and second party has agreed to help financially to the first party.
  2. Clauses 2 & 3 cover the commercial part including amount financed and revenue sharing. Please note that this is very specific clause so user may have to rework on this depending upon the peculiar situation of your client’s case.
  3. It also covers clause on role and responsibilities of parties concerned. Further clauses such representation and warranties, confidentiality, accounting & administration etc as tabulated above have been provided.
  4. Standard legal clauses such as indemnity, termination, service of notice, jurisdiction and arbitration etc have also been provided.
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