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Assured Return
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Builder giving Option of Assured Return
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  1. This Annexure (applicable for Assured Return/Rental & Rental with Assured Lease Plan) has been drafted to cover aspects which needs to be kept in mind in case a company is intending to provide an option of Assured Return with regards to its unit allotted to proposed Allottee and the same is opted by the proposed Allottee;
  2. It majorly contains clause like in case Allottee opt this option then how the monthly payment will be made to Allottee (by PDC), at what time period, and what will be the terms and condition which would be required to be complied by the Allottee etc.
  3. It also covers the role played by third party through which payment will be routed to the Allottee.
  4. Please note that user may have to work on this keeping in mind the facts and peculiar conditions of the case in hand. Further in every industry including real estate industry, builders may use different business model, or structure for the same kind of transaction, so clauses may not be so relevant for someone looking from different perspective.
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