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Financial Due Diligence Checklist
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Financial Due Diligence Checklist
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  1. This is professional checklist or input sheet which may be sent to target company at the time due diligence of a particular company.
  2. Please note that this is in excel format and including financial aspects with regard to a financial due diligence exercise therefore it is most suited to chartered accountants.  
  3. When a CA goes for comprehensive financial due diligence of a company, then such CA needs a professional draft of checklist/input sheet which needs to be sent to the target company so that the target company can collect information/documentation accordingly. Sometimes this sheet may be required to guide internal team members as well.
  4. The draft checklist contains separate 29 sheets which cover mainly General Information About the Target, Legal Information, Business Information, Management Structure, Sales & Profit Aspects, IPR, Licenses etc.
  5. This checklist or input sheet has been prepared keeping in mind the requirements of young chartered accountants though CS / lawyers may also use this. User may sometimes need to change the sheet in specific cases like due diligence of a telecom player or gas supplier as the sheet is generic one.
  6. Kindly note the number of words as given above are only indicative and not exact as the sheet has been made in Excel.
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