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Online Franchisor Agreement
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Online Franchisor Agreement
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1 Recitals
2 Appointment and Aceeptance
3 Role and Responsibility of Online Franchisor
4 Role and Responsibility of First Party
5 Commercial Arrangement
6 Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality
7 Exclusivity
8 Representation and Warrenties
9 Termination
10 Miscellaneous Provisions


  1. One Party engaged into the business of manufacturing and selling of apparel and designer wears. This Party intends to appoint Second Party as its Online Franchisor who will be promoting the apparel on various online platforms/means. The Online Franchisor is basically a registered vendor of various online market places like amazon, flipcart, snapdeal etc and provides necessary IT and other support to budding merchants.
  2. This Agreement covers clauses like Appointment & Acceptance, Role and Responsibility of Online Franchisor and First Party, Commercial arrangement, Representation and Warrantiesetc. Role and Responsibility of Online Franchisor provides 7 specimen clauses like enabling the listing of products on online platform, shall not infringe or done inappropriate use of trademark and images, not to make false claims about the products etc.
  3. It also includes Intellectual Property right and confidentiality. , exclusivity and Termination etc. as tabulated in the index.
  4. It also covers standard legal provisions such as Compliance with Laws, Service of Notice, Entire Agreement, Force Majeure, Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction etc.
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