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Letter of Engagement for Financial Due Diligence
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Letter of Engagement for Financial Due Diligence for Acquisition
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2 Scope of Services 2
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4 Fee Structure and Payment 1
5 Standard Terms and Conditions 3
6 Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement 3
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  1. This Letter of Engagement (including NDA of 3 pages) is basically the detailed proposal which will be very useful where the professional wants to give quotation in a more professional and systematic manner to the concerned client.
  2. This draft proposal has been prepared keeping in mind the following:
    • The client is a corporate and intends to acquire one company. For this purpose the concerned client intends to engage the Transaction Advisor for conducting financial due diligence, providing necessary advise with regard to transaction, submitting Due Diligence Report and concluding the acquisition deal for and on behalf of the concerned client. This letter of engagement includes Scope of Work, Exclusions, General Terms & Conditions apart from standard non-disclosure agreement.
  3. The professional should use his/her own professional knowledge and discretion keeping in mind the matter in hand and peculiar situation before using the proposal.
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