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Appointment of Independent Director
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Combo documents for Appointment of Independent Director
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Word count 6437
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S.No. Headings Number of Pages Number of Words
1 Flow Chart 1 62
2 Procedure Chart 1 284
3 Letter to Prospective Independent Director 9 1413
4 Appointment Letter 10 2691
5 Board Resolution for appointment of Independent Director and calling of EGM 2 497
6 Notice of calling of EGM & Exlanatory statements 7 1253
7 Proposal (E-mail Format) 1 237
  TOAL 31 6437


  1. This draft set of documents explained above deals with matter of Appointment of Independent Directors in accordance with the provisions of Section 149 read with schedule IV of the Companies Act, 2013.
    • Item No. 1 and 2 provides respectively graphic presentation and detailed procedure involved into the process.
    • Third item is the draft letter to be sent to Independent Director requesting him to join the board formally and asking him to furnish certain details/information in the form attached which includes DIR-2, MBP-1, DIR-8 and Declaration of Independence.
    • Fourth item is the appointment letter which contains the terms and conditions of appointment in accordance with schedule IV of the Companies Act, 2013.
    •  Fifth item contains Board Resolution for appointment of Independent Director and calling of EGM.  
    • Next item is notice of EGM with explanatory statement.
    • For your help, we have also attached proposal, where the professional wants to quote prices to the concerned client in email. User may need to keep change and use their own discretion keeping in mind the matter and peculiar situation before using these proposals.
  2. As a quality measure, we constantly endeavour to provide you the draft documents/forms as per current law and practice however as you know law is very dynamic in today world so users are advised to keep themselves updated about the changes occurring and change the draft/form accordingly.
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