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Purchase Order alongwith Terms & Conditions
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Purchase Order alongwith Terms & Conditions
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  1. This deals with a situation when a party gives purchase order (PO) to procure certain products from the second party.  
  2. The document has draft PO sample and details terms and conditions governing such purchase.
  3. Usually, before placing a purchase order, parties should enter into a detailed agreement (like Master Supply Agreement or Vendor Agreement etc) but if there is no such agreement then this PO will help to freeze major points between the parties. In the absence of this points dispute may arise later on therefore terms and conditions provided in this PO give some specific clause to deal with the situation.   
  4. The first page is sample PO and second page to last page covers terms including price, quantity, place of delivery, how delivery will be effected, inspection provisions, invoicing & payment, indemnity Jurisdiction.
  5. This is general draft and has not been prepared keeping in mind any specific industry. User need to check specific industry requirements/laws as each industry has peculiar issues and accordingly clauses need to be structured in accordance with the requirements of that industry.
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