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Leave & License Agreement
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Leave & License Agreement - Real Estate
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1 Recital
2 Grant of leave & License
3 License fee & Security deposit
4 Duties of licensee
5 Duties of licensor
6 Term & Termination
7 Jurisdiction
8 Schedule A – Description of licensed premises


  1. This Agreement has been designed to cover an important aspect which needs to be kept in mind while granting and permitted any person to use the commercial premises on leave and license basis.
  2. Under this Agreement first party is the absolute owner of the commercial premises and second party has requested to the first party to permit the second party to use such premises on leave and licenses basis.
  3. Schedule A (Description of Licensed Premises) is blank and may be completed by the user/client by mentioning the details of premises licensed as provided under the Leave & License Agreement.
  4. It majorly includes duties of the Licensee and Licensor, License fee and security and termination aspects as mentioned in the table. However you may have to change in accordance with your specific requirements.
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