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Lease Deed for Commercial Property
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A Deed whereby a premises has been given on lease for Business Purpose
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1 Recital
2 Lease & Period
3 Rent & Payment
4 Security Deposit
5 Lock In Period
6 Covenants of Lessee
7 Covenants of Lessor
8 Others Operational Provisions
9 Other Legal Provisions
10 Annexure A - Description of Property


  1. The Lessor intends to lease out his/ her basement, first floor and second floor (Premises) to be used only for business purposes. The Lessee has agreed to take such Premises on lease.  
  2. This Agreement covers clauses like rent free period, lock in period, rent and payment, security deposit, covenants of lessor and lessee and other operational provisions like maintenance, insurance, sub- lease, sale of property by lessor etc. as specifically tabulated in the index.
  3. This Agreement also has clauses related to obligations of Lessee which he/ she needs to take care like payment of timely rent, use of premises for his/ her business purpose only, not to sub-let premises, not to carry on any unauthorized activity and not to violate any laws etc.
  4. Annexure A (Description of property) is blank and may be completed by the user/client by mentioning the premises address, and details of furniture and fixture as provided under the lease deed.
  5. Apart from this, standard legal provisions like force majeure, termination, service of notice, jurisdiction, dispute resolutions etc. have also been covered.
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