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Addendum to the Lease Deed
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An Attornment Letter & Addendum to the Lease Deed
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1 Attornment Letter
2 Addendum to Lease Agreement


  1. This covers a situation when Landlord (Lessee) & Lessee have already in a landlord-tenant relationship. Now the Landlord is selling the premises to third party (New Landlord). The lease deed contains a clause relating to such eventualities and empowers Lessee to hold the lease property even in such situation.   
  2. This Attornment Letter & Addendum has been drafted to forge this new relationship with the New Landlord and giving exit to Outgoing Landlord.  
  3. So the draft covers how the New Landlord will be bound by the Lease Deed and lessee shall continue to use such premises on lease basis.
  4. It also provides for the treatment of security deposit given at the time of original lease with the Outgoing Landlord.
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