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Transportation Services Agreement - Goods Delivery
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Agreement with transport co for goods delivery
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1 Recital
2 Definition & Interpretations
3 Appointment & Acceptance
4 Commencement & Periodicity
5 Commercials
6 Obligations of Vendor
7 Obligations of Company
8 Confidentiality
9 Representation & Warranties
10 Insurance & Damages
11 Indemnity
12 Termination
13 Miscellaneous Provisions
14 Annexure A - Commercials


  1. One party is engaged in manufacturing/trading products which are required to be transported to different places. The Second Party is engaged in transport and logistics services across India.
  2. This contains clauses like appointment and acceptance, commencement and periodicity, commercial aspects, obligations of vendor, obligations of Company etc.
  3. Annexure A read with clause 5 deals with commercial aspects including charges payable, situation and responsibility of Second Party in case of breakdown and invoicing aspects. User may need to modify in accordance with the actual situation of the case.
  4. Apart from above, clauses relating to confidentiality, insurance and damages representation and warranties, termination, relationship, compliance of laws, service of notices, waiver, force majeure, dispute resolution and jurisdiction etc. more been suitably mentioned in the agreement.
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