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Transportation Services Agreement - Cab Service
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Agreement to provide Cab Service to the Company
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1 Recital
2 Appointment & Acceptance
3 Commencement & Periodicity
4 Consideration & Payment Schedule
5 Obligations of Service Provider
6 Rights of Company
7 Confidentiality
8 Indemnity
9 Termination
10 Miscellaneous Provisions
11 Annexure A - Commercials & Penalty Grid


  1. First party is a company and requires cab services for transportation purpose on regular basis. The Second party is engaged into the business of providing cab services to its corporate client.  
  2. This Agreement contains clauses regarding appointment and acceptance, commencement and periodicity, consideration and payment schedule, renewal aspects, right of the first party, confidentiality and termination etc. have also been mentioned.
  3. This Agreement contains obligations of Second Party (more than 15 obligations) like compliance of all the laws, sufficient number of employs and vehicles, generate timely bill, good behavior, experienced driver, vehicle related aspects etc.
  4. In addition, some standard legal clauses like, service of notices, waiver, force majeure, indemnity settlement of dispute, governing law, principal to principal basis  and entire agreement etc. more specifically mentioned in the Index.
  5. Annexure A contains commercial rates grid and penalty grid as well for violation like rash driving, unacceptable behavior, dirty and unclean vehicle, lack of vehicle document and delayed cab reporting etc.
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