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Transportation Services Agreement
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Agreement to transport employee by bus on monthly fee basis
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1 Recital
2 Commencement & Periodicity
3 Lock In Period
4 Consideration, Payment & Taxes
5 Other Important Provisions
6 Representation & Warranties
7 Indemnity
8 Termination
9 Miscellaneous Provisions


  1. First Party is a large corporate having lot of employees. This company intends to engage bus services for the purpose of transporting employee to office.  The Second Party is into the business of providing transportation and logistics services to its corporate clients.
  2. Clauses relating to commencement and periodicity, lock in period, representation and warranties, indemnity, and termination etc. have also been mentioned.
  3. This Agreement contains clause regarding consideration and payment which include the clauses like how much amount monthly will be payable by the Company to the Owner, type of buses will be used, how the Owner will generate the invoices etc. It also contains important clauses like timing & punctuality aspects, situation where deputed bus does not come, weekly off details, background check, experience of driver and good conduct clause etc have been covered in this Agreement.
  4. In addition to above, standard legal clauses like service of notices, entire agreement, time is essence, force majeure, dispute resolution, and jurisdiction etc have been mentioned in this Agreement.
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