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Third Party Manufacturing Agreement
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An Agreement to manufacture the pharmaceutical product and sell it on first party behalf
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1 Recital
2 Definition & Interpretations
3 Acceptance & Arrangements
4 Production Estimates
5 Price & Payment Structure
6 Insurance
7 Physician’s Sample
8 Confidentiality
9 Know-how & Intellectual Property Rights
10 Usage of Trade Marks & Brands
11 Assignment & Subletting
12 Warranties & Indemnities
13 Licenses & Statutory Compliances
14 Force Majeure
15 Periodicity & Renewal
16 Termination
17 Arbitration, Conciliations & Jurisdiction
18 Miscellaneous Provisions
19 Annexure –I - List of Products


  1. First Party is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals products. The Second Party is engaged contract manufacturing.  
  2. First Party approached Second Party to manufacture the pharmaceutical product on its behalf and sell to the First party at a price mutually agreed. This is basically P2P Manufacturing Agreement in which products are manufacturing by one party as per the specification given by the other on principal to principal basis. This is technically called Contact Manufacturing in pharma industry.    
  3. This Agreement covers clauses like Price and payment structure, physical inspection, warranties and representation, IPR and termination related clauses etc. which is more specifically mentioned in the index table.
  4. All legal clauses such as confidentiality, indemnity, jurisdiction has also been given.
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