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Franchisee Agreement To Sell Pharma Products In India
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Agreement to Appoint Franchisee for marketing in many states
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1 Recital
2 Appointment
3 Role & Responsibility of Franchisee
4 Role & Responsibility of Company
5 Commercial Arrangement
6 Operational Arrangements
7 Manufacturing Defects & Expired Products
8 Insurance
9 Confidentiality
10 Trademarks & Trade Name
11 Representation & Warranties
12 Indemnity
13 Termination
14 Miscellaneous Provisions
15 Annexure I – List of Product
16 Annexure II – Cost of Samples


  1. One party is a pharmaceuticals company and engaged in the business of manufacturing pharmaceuticals products and desire to appoint other party as a Franchisee for marketing its products in the various states of India.
  2. This Agreement covers clauses like role and responsibility of the Franchisee and Company, commercial arrangements, operational arrangements, confidentiality, Intellectual property rights and termination related clauses etc. which is more specifically mentioned in the index table.
  3. It also covers general legal provisions such as Service of Notices, Indemnities, Force majeure, Jurisdiction, Arbitration (Dispute resolution) etc.
  4. This is pure franchisee agreement in which franchisee is asked to generate sales and execute order, appoint sales staff etc. It does not cover a situation where company expects to get tender/government supplies.
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