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Carrying and Forwarding Agency Agreement
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An Agreement to Appoint carrying & forwarding agent (C&F)
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1 Recital
2 Appointment
3 Commencement and Periodicity
4 Role and Responsibilities of C&F Agent
5 Commercial Arrangements
6 Confidentiality
7 Trademarks & Trade Name
8 Compliance with Statutory Laws
9 Indemnity
10 Termination
11 Arbitration & Jurisdiction
12 Miscellaneous Provisions
13 Annexure -1 Compensation &  Expenses


  1. One party is a pharmaceuticals company and engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing of various active pharmaceuticals ingredients and desire to appoint other party as a carrying & forwarding agent (C&F) for rendering services of warehousing and forwarding pharmaceutical formulations and/or any other product manufactured/purchased/marketed by the first party in the various States of the India.
  2. This Agreement most importantly covers Role and Responsibility of C&F Agent which includes Responsibilities regarding Storage, Responsibilities Regarding Receipt of Goods, Responsibilities Regarding Execution of Order, Responsibilities Regarding registration and record maintenance etc.
  3. Clauses regarding commercial aspects, confidentiality, Intellectual property rights and termination aspects have also been provided as specifically tabulated in the index.
  4. It also covers general legal provisions such as Indemnity, Service of Notices, Indemnities, Jurisdiction, Arbitration (Dispute resolution) etc.
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