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TV Serial Co-Production & Promotion Agreement
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An Agreement to jointly produce a show on the television channel
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1 Recital
2 Business Relationship
3 Responsibilities of First Party
4 Responsibilities of Second Party
5 Joint Responsibilities
6 Expenditure & Revenue Sharing Mechanism
7 Independent Status
8 Representation & Warranties
9 Confidentiality
10 Intellectual Property Rights
11 Indemnity
12 Termination
13 Miscellaneous Provisions
14 Schedule A–Details of Concept
15 Schedule B – Production Budget and Project Scope


  1. One party is engaged into the business of production of entertainment content for the television, mobile, radio etc. The second party owns an entertainment television channel. Both intend to jointly produce a show on the television channel.
  2. This Agreement cover the clauses like Responsibilities of first party and second party, joint responsibilities, expenditure and revenue sharing aspects as tabulated above. Clauses relating to Representation & Warranties, Confidentialities, IPR, Indemnity and Termination etc have also been mentioned.
  3. Further miscellaneous provisions also cover clauses such as Service of notice, assignment, Waiver, Force majeure, Dispute Resolution and jurisdiction etc.
  4. Schedule A and Schedule B are blank and may be completed by the user only depending upon the concept and need of business transaction.
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