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Agreement between Company and Model
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An Agreement to engages Model Agency to provide the right model
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1 Recital
2 Commencement & Term
3 Commercials & Payment Thereof
4 Confidentiality
5 Permission to Use
6 Indemnity
7 General Provisions
8 Termination & Effects
9 Dispute Resolution
10 Jurisdiction


  1. The Company is repute corporate and running various businesses. The Model Agency in providing new and talented faces to the corporate clientele and film industry.
  2. The Company engages Model Agency to provide the right model talent, keeping in mind, the requirement of the Company for a definite period.
  3. This Agreement covers Commercials, Confidentiality, Ownership Aspects (Permission to Use) as specifically mentioned in the index table.
  4. It also covers general legal provisions such as Termination, Service of Notices, Force Majeure, Jurisdiction, Arbitration (Dispute resolution) etc.
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