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Consultancy Agreement to give mandate to sell Company
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Consultancy Agreement to give mandate to sell Company
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1 Recital
2 Appointment
3 Scope of Services
4 Consultancy fee and expenses
5 Confidentiality
6 Miscellaneous Provisions
7 Annexure 1 – Scope of Work


  1. This Agreement covers a situation where the Shareholders of a company are intending to sell their entire shareholding in the company and for this purpose engage the consultant to search a potential investor and to finalize the deal.
  2. This Agreement covers clauses like Scope of Work, Professional Fee, Commission, Expenses, Role of Consultant etc. Scope of work provides 4 specimen clauses like representing the shareholder and negotiation etc.
  3. It also includes Confidentiality, Anti-bribe Provisions, and Termination etc as tabulated in the index.
  4. It also covers standard legal provisions such as Notices, Solicitation, Jurisdiction, Arbitration (Dispute resolution) etc.
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