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Consultancy Agreement_General
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An Agreement to Appoint normal type of consultant
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1 Recital
2 Appointment
3 Scope of Work
4 Consultancy fee, expenses and taxation
5 Duties of Consultant
6 Confidentiality
7 Ownership of Material
8 Tenure & Renewal
9 Miscellaneous Provisions
10 Annexure 1 – Scope of Work


  1. This is basically a General Draft which may normally be used in the ordinary or normal kind of consultant appointment.
  2. As this is General Draft only, you will have to add Scope of Work for which a proper path/space (i.e. Heading 3 and Annexure 1) has been given. In nutshell Scope of Work will be inserted by the user/client only depending upon the nature of assignment covered.
  3. Apart from this, the Agreement is complete and covers the commercial clauses related to Consultancy Fee, Taxation, Commission and expenses aspects.
  4. From operation point of view it covers duties of consultant, confidentiality, anti-bribe, etc.
  5. It also covers standard legal provisions such as Notices, Solicitation, Jurisdiction, Arbitration (Dispute resolution) etc.
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