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Consultancy Agreement for Market Survey
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An Agreement to engages a Consultant to advice on the business opportunities in the concerned sector
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1 Recital
2 Appointment
3 Scope of Work
4 Consultancy fee, expenses and taxation
5 Duties of Consultant
6 Confidentiality
7 Ownership of Material
8 Tenure & Renewal
9 Miscellaneous Provisions
10 Annexure 1 – Scope of Work


  1. One established player intends is enter into new market area say north India. Before doing so, that player engages the Consultant to advice on the opportunities in the concerned sector in the given market area, conducting market survey, SWOT analysis etc.
  2. This Agreement cover the clauses related to scope of work, fee, commission, expenses, role of consultant, confidentiality, anti-bribe, and termination etc. as tabulated above in the index.
  3. On operational aspects, it covers clauses relating to Role & Responsibilities of Consultant. Further Scope of Work (Annexure 1) also provides around 10 specimen scope of work covered under the assignment given to Consultant.
  4. Standard legal clauses including termination, ownership of material or data, service of notice, assignment, dispute resolution, jurisdiction etc have also been covered.
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