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Credit Note Policy for Deductions & Waivers
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Credit Note Policy for Deductions & Waivers
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  1. Every company has debtors and gives credits to its debtors. Accordingly, every company sooner or later faces with the task of giving discounts and credits to its debtors due to one reason or the other. The drafts policy contains in brief how such the process of issuing credit note will be governed and managed.
  2. The draft includes the following aspects in brief:
    • Purpose;
    • Applicability;
    • Responsibility to administer this policy;  
    • General Terms & Conditions;  
    • Annexures A for Credit Note Limit of respective officials,
    • Annexure B for Credit Note Format;   
  3. This is generic draft and therefore user may need to work on keeping in mind the nature of the business and operational issues surrounding debtors.
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